When it comes to the subject of security, many people oftentimes think about products that are able to keep buildings completely safe whenever they are empty. For instance, security cameras can capture footage of individuals who break into buildings whenever someone may be away on vacation, while motion detectors can send immediate alerts whenever someone is on a property during a time when the property owner isn’t there. However, what exactly can be done during the time when someone actually is in a building and requires immediate assistance?


This is where a panic alarm can come in handy. Chances are you may have likely seen these products used during bank robbery scenes on television, where an individual presses a button located underneath a counter while the robbery itself is taking place in order to covertly let the police know that the building is being robbed. Additionally, there are also panic alarms that come in the form of key fobs, such as those seen in commercials advertising those worn by elderly individuals who can call for help in the event that they suffer a fall while at home.


Here are three important facts regarding panic alarms to make note of.


*First and foremost, it’s important to only use a panic alarm in the event of an actual emergency when you know that you will need immediate assistance. This includes someone breaking into your home or business, a medical emergency, someone in your home potentially being harmed or harming themselves, or you yourself potentially being harmed.


*Panic alarms are designed for anyone and everyone to have – they are not limited to only specific people. These types of alarms are designed to keep us safe by ensuring that the proper authorities are just the push of a button away at literally any time. While these are useful to have in both homes and businesses, they are also equally useful to have if you are renting an apartment or condo as well; however, you will need to take the time to discuss the alarm with your landlord prior to having anything regarding it installed so that they are made aware that you have it.


*In terms of how a panic alarm itself actually works, there are two main features that work together in order to contact emergency services whenever the alarm is activated. These features are the button and the communications system. The button can either be wired or wireless depending on your personal preference, while the communications system refers to the loudspeaker that the button talks to whenever someone presses it. This system is also the portion of the alarm system that is able to dispatch emergency assistance to your location as well; however, it is also entirely possible to establish a communications system that doesn’t require contacting emergency services, yet it’s important to note that this procedure is extremely uncommon, as a vast majority of individuals set up this type of alarm system with the sole intention of being able to contact the proper authorities in the event of an emergency.


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